Inspired kitchen design

1. Design for easy foot-traffic through the kitchen without dead ends. Island benches are brilliant uses of space that allow flow through kitchen spaces allowing more than one cook at a time.

A hidden step-in pantry utilises the corner space. Image by Suzi Appel Photography

2. Minimise any corner cupboards if possible. they create awkward storage spaces. Straight runs of galley benches and cupboards are best.

3. The island bench is king. Creating a beautiful island bench is both functional and determines the personality of the space. A large island bench becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Combine with feature lighting and stylish barstools to express your style.

Casual dining nook perched on the back of this kitchen island design. Image by Suzi Appel Photography

4. Consider materials for Benchtops based on your lifestyle and the look you want. If you love natural stone eg. marble but you would be stressed out with the maintenance and care it requires and even then knowing that it will still mark, then consider other materials that are lookalike but have stain resistant qualities.]

Material combination of Supawhite marble and brushed brass. Image by Suzi Appel Photography

5. I’m a strong believer in including an element in the design that offers an opportunity to display some individual items or an element that adds personality suitable to the architecture and story of your home. This is an individual element that I uncover when I get to know you and the story of how you live. Eg. A special space to display treasures like handmade bowls collected on past travels or incorporating custom Herb planters or a hero light fitting. Read more about this kitchen that celebrates its curve here.

These are just the first of many considerations for designing a standout kitchen that you will love and enjoy. What story or tune do you want to make in your home? Talk to your designer about how to create a kitchen design you love.

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