Prahran, Villa with Charm

Interior Design & Decoration, Styling

Although we have worked our magic on many substanial projects, not all our projects are large scale. This one is an example of a small duplex dwelling and how to maximise the home's potential and presentation to place on the market.

Our interior design advice included what could be achieved to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers including new bathroom renovation, selection & specification of tiles, bathroom fittings, changes to uplift the kitchen presentation emphasising a country farmhouse style with a new upgrade of oven, dishwasher and sink in the kitchen, painting, new pendant light fittings and downlights, replacement of curtains and property styling presentation for the sale.

We selected finishes and furnished the property to look its best to appeal to a wide range of buyers with a fresh look to standout from other properties for sale. Introducing the right colour palette is critical to open and enlarge small spaces but without them feeling clincial and cold. Refinishing the timber floors and recommending the right amount of investment on the key elements that matter was important to our client to provide the best return.