Heritage & Modern Renovation with 3 storey addition

Interior Design, Kitchen & Bathroom design, Space planning, Window furnishing, Decoration, Styling
JF Taylor
Suzi Appel

When our clients approached us their home, built at the beginning of the 1900s, was extremely dated with pokey, dark rooms that were not conducive to relaxing in, cramped bedroom spaces lacking in storage and nowhere for the family to be together where they could spend time with each other. It was totally unsuitable for modern life. They had been working on designs to update the heritage home with architect John F Taylor.  John's design included adding a 3 storey modern addition to the rear of the original 2 storey house. We provided some feedback on the designs to add further improvements within John's design framework and our expertise in the kitchen design.

The kitchen design won the Victorian Large Kitchen KBDi award 2019. Our design has also earnt its place on Channel 9s Season 2 of Australia's Best House presented by Megan Gale. (See the video here.)

Blending the traditional grand Victorian architecture with the modern light-filled addition required careful consideration. Recognising & respecting the beauty of the differences & how they blend together was a major factor in the design. Special consideration was given to how the light affects the different spaces to make them inviting, functional and stylish and spaces you want to spend time in.

The interior design concept is based on the idea of contrast: the traditional Victorian grandeur balancing against the new, modernist open addition, light surfaces with metallic accents against dark finishes, indoor living spaces that invite the outdoor space as an extension beyond the walls, formal traditional detailing balanced with casual, relaxed elements, culminating in the history and heritage transitioning to modern living.