Californian Bungalow Modern Update

Interior Decoration & Furnishing, Styling
Suzi Appel

Our interior design expertise was sought to bring our design flair to unify aspects of this large family home which consisted of an original Californian Bungalow Style home with a modern contemporary extension with second storey. Different areas of the home had been developed and added over the years and areas were lacking in a design approach that make the whole house cohesive with an elevated style. Our designer's eye provided a design concept that effortlessly blends the original character part of the home to the modern addition.

We developed a handsome palette of neutral tones highlighted with strong bold blues and contrasting yellow that reflect the clients favourite colours and the outdoor pool.

We designed and commissioned custom made wall lights that are a stylish welcome to visitors at the entrance. A textural wallpaper in a light metallic completes the journey through the entrance creating a link between the original character home and the new modern addition with a standout individual style.

The main living area consists of the kitchen, dining and living zones have been given our special touch to bring everything beautifully together. A conversation starting wood veneer pendant light is sculptural and timeslessly classic presiding over the large dining setting with elegant and comfortable dining chairs for large entertaining.